My best post of 2014

Top 5 Posts of 2014 Countdown: #1

Thanks for your patience with our countdown! MaryAnne of MamaSmiles and I are counting down our Top 5 Posts of 2014 and we are down to our number one post!

My number one post for 2014 is …

10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade with 36,212 views.

I met Colby Sharp, co-founder of The Nerdy Book Club, last year at an author dinner for Anne Ursu in Boston and then again at The Nerdy Book Club meet up. He’s a teacher in rural Michigan where kids don’t own any books and he had moved grades to teach 3rd grade. My son was in third grade at the time, and we bonded over our love of perfect chapter books for third grade. As we listed our favorites, we noticed with delight that they were the same. Hence, this post was born!

best read aloud books for third grade


MamaSmiles #1 Post for 2014 is … How to Make A Weighted Blanket (Sensory Blanket).

When MaryAnne’s sister needed a weighted blanket for her son with special needs, MaryAnne told her she would look into making one since weighted blankets are very expensive. Out of this act of kindness, came this post which has helped many other parents as well. Weighted sensory blankets aren’t just for kids with sensory issues either; I think all kids enjoy them!

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Weighted Blanket (Sensory Friendly)

I’m counting down my Top 5 posts of 2014 with MaryAnne of Mama Smiles.

Her #5 Post of 2014 is here. Mine is here.

Her #4 Post of 2014 is here. Mine is here.

Her #3 Post of 2014 is here. Mine is here.

Her #2 Post of 2014 is here. Mine is here.

Her #1 Post of 2014 is here. Mine is here.


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My best post of 2014

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