Krishna, Demi, Hindu religion books for kids, world religion books for kids, chapter books for kids on India

Hindu Picture Book by Demi

Hindu Picture Book and Chapter Book for Kids

The great Hindu god Vishnu, greatest of all gods, promises to help bring peace to earth when evil demon kings try to kill all the good rulers of earth. He will be reborn on earth as a child named Krisha. Does this story sound vaguely familiar?! We notice a rebirth theme in World Religions!

The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna by Demi tells the story of Krishna, rescued from certain death to be raised by two cowherds. The evil demon king Kasma not deterred, sending demon after demon to destroy Krishna, to no avail. Krishna prevails in the end, destroying Kasma and wandering the earth teaching people how to live together in peace and joy. Demi, as usual, makes this story easy to read with her gorgeous colorful illustrations.

We are trying to learn more about World Religions through picture books at my house since we don’t attend church and I personally know very little about the Hindu religion. My only reference point to Krishna were the Hare Krishnas I’d seen at airports (pre-9/11 security) which always made me feel uneasy.

It was with great delight that action adventure Zoe and Zac and the Ghost Leopard by Lars Guignard landed in my lap. Think Percy Jackson or Kane Chronicles Goes to India and you get the gist!

Like a Rick Riordan action adventure series, this chapter book for ages 9 and up has the requisite elements to draw kids in:

  • special powers our heroes must discover within themselves
  • a supernatural bad guy
  • the fate of the world resting upon their success
  • help from deities (that is where Krishna and other Hindu gods come into play)
  • something that must be saved
  • travel that traverses an entire country, in this case India

I definitely want more Zoe and Zac and wait expectantly for the next installment. Riordan takes us from Greek to Roman to Egyptian ancient gods. It’s just a small leap to travel to India next! Author Lars Guignard went to high school in the Indian Himalayas and he really gives a sense of place as Zoe and Zac traverse through India both in crowded chaos of cities and more tranquil wooded rural areas.

The lines blur between religion and mythology as they should — isn’t mythology just ancient religious beliefs? — and what remains is the probably the most exciting world religion/mythology home study unit ever! I’d use the Demi picture book after reading Zoe and Zac, just as a quick aside to explain the story of Kirshna who makes an appearance in the chapter book.

Krishna, Demi, Hindu religion books for kids, world religion books for kids, chapter books for kids on India

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Julie Dennehy

    This is a fantastic pick – I’m going to buy it for my daughter, and when she is done it will be very popular with the kids at our Unitarian Universalist church because they study world religions in their Sunday school class. What a fun and imaginative recommendation – yet another reason to subscribe to your blog!
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  2. Artchoo

    You read my mind, Mia! Fen is a big Riordan fan and just finished one if his books. The name escapes me right now. I am so all over this book. Thanks!
    Artchoo recently posted…The Importance of Art EducationMy Profile

  3. Love the way you give a chapter book recommendation! Great choices as always.
    Stacey recently posted…The Future Will UnfoldMy Profile

  4. I love exploring the connections between religion and mythology. When I first started studying history, this is one of the areas I loved to explore. There seem to be an increasing number of books on the topic now. I wish there had been more of them to read when my children were growing up.

  5. Ann

    I think the reoccurring themes across religions is fascinating! These look like great books. I like your idea of using the Demi book for background!
    Ann recently posted…Inspiration for the BunnyMy Profile

  6. I love the idea of using Demi books.I love the Hindu religion
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