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Graduation Banners to Celebrate

When PickyKidPix was younger, she went to a cooperative nursery school. As part of the reduced tuition fees, parents had to help out at the preschool. I was a parent helper in the classroom but I also had an administrative job in charge of marketing the preschool for the following year’s enrollment. I had a very small marketing budget so the first thing I did was make several vinyl banners and hang them up around town.

It was very effective. Too effective, in fact. Soon, calls started coming in both for enrollment and equally for sign placement.

The highway department called saying that the banners could not be hung on an overpass. The banners might come loose, fall down below to oncoming traffic, and cause an accident. Turns out when this happens, they get sued. I used heavy duty flex ties and checked the signs frequently, but that didn’t matter. Down it went.

The sign by the subway station with lots of street traffic  was run by a neighborhood group who decided that only banners of artists could be allowed on the fence. Preschools were no longer welcome. Too bad, this sign generated a lot of calls for our school.

The sign at a busy street intersection at the end of a sports field was also a issue. The city wanted that prime sign real estate to put up their own signs about the Farmer’s Market and Summer Camp fair instead. They had issues with sharing. I had to cut down that sign.

Finally, the sign near the public library was policed by a particularly vigilant neighbor who did not want any signage at all on the chain link fence over the bridge. He called the school irate and down the preschool director went to fetch it back.

It’s strange that a vinyl banner can bring out such strong emotions causing turf warfare for chain link fence space. It was an effective marketing tool for a small preschool trying to get the word out that enrollment was about to begin. I’m glad my preschool marketing days are over. I’d rather make banners for celebrations and keep them strictly for home use.

vinyl signs, birthday banners,

There are certain kids, PickyPidPix comes to mind, that would love to see their name on a banner. It could be something as simple as a birthday or perhaps a graduation banner for her upcoming elementary school 5th grade graduation.

graduation banner, vinyl sign


Her elementary school used to have school newspaper that put out two issues a year. Parents could take out display ads in the second issue to congratulate their child for their graduation. It was a nice keepsake. Alas, the newspaper is gone but there are always graduation banners! I better order mine soon!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own including the need to start thinking about my daughter’s upcoming 5th grade graduation. Middle school next year too! Yikes!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I remember those days as well! I know how easy it can be to get overzealous. Got to remember that not everyone shares our feelings or our passion for our cause!

    • Hi Barbara,
      It is easy to get overzealous and no one seems to appreciate the work to get the word out. Thankfully, that phase of volunteer coop preschool days are over! I won’t be hanging any more signs around town, just for my kids in our own home. Hopefully that won’t cause controversy!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10 Winter Books for KidsMy Profile

  2. I agree with you Barbara, not everyone shares our feelings. Pragmatic Mum, you must have felt really unappreciated, I admire your hard work though.
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