Zorpia, Zorpia is a scam, pfishing scam Zorpia

Zorpia is a Pfishing Scam: BEWARE!!

Pfishing Scam: Zorpia

I apologize if you are getting emails from me asking you to join Zorpia or worse, see a message from me. I am convinced, after my bad experience with Zorpia, that this is a pfishing scam.

Zorpia, Zorpia is a scam, pfishing scam Zorpia

It all started with PickyKidPix who opened the first Zorpia email from her friend Devin. Devin had no idea that such an email was sent out. No one does. I then got an email from my daughter that I had a message from her. Given that it was 11:00 pm and she was asleep, I opened the email. The only way to see the message was to allow it access to my Facebook.

Big mistake. I realized pretty quickly that there was something weird about this site because it immediately started emailing my contacts. I shut down my account. Or tried to. Normally, when you delete your account on any social media, you get the message that it’s deleted and you can’t find your account anymore. This site had my account up for at least two days after I “deleted” it. I sent several messages via their contact email to no avail.

I deleted all the connecting apps to Zorpia for Facebook and Twitter. I changed the passwords to my email, Twitter and Facebook. Still the emails to my friends inviting them to join Zorpia at my invitation continued. This was three months ago. The emails, I’m told, continue to plague my email contacts.

My husband went through this as well. He finally deleted his Facebook account. It didn’t matter. Somehow Zorpia got his email addresses through Facebook and continue to email his friends even now 3 MONTHS LATER!

And then … the scam emails started. The ones where someone has lost his or her passport and needs money wired over. Or the big “lottery” I won if I click here. They have my email address from my daughter, and now they are trying to get me to do something or get further access to my account. Something is not right here.


Especially if they are from me at PragmaticMomBlog@gmail.com .

p.s. I never received any reply from my emails to Zorpia either. Not even an auto-reply.

p.p.s. My daughter says she is getting more emails from another social media site similar to Zorpia that actually rhymes with Zorpia. Beware of that one too. I’ll get the name from her today.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Oh no, sounds like a nightmare. Good to know.
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  2. Dee

    Looks like Wikipedia agrees with you:

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  3. Good to know. Thanks for the warning!
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  4. i wanted delete my pics but i dont find any setting to can delete and neither my account zorpia doesent delete.HELP!!

  5. Hi Mia,

    Good day! My name is Walt and I am authorized to speak on behalf of Zorpia.

    First of all we appreciate your interest in us for writing a blog which gave us a way to address your problem with Zorpia. We hope that we have properly addressed your concern.

    As stated in our email, Zorpia is not a phishing site and we did not violate any email privacy. It is definitely against our policy to access people’s email contacts without prior authorization.

    Our site gives users the option of inviting their friends to join the site and this is an action which is only undertaken with the user’s explicit permission to us to access their email contacts. Zorpia’s process is standardized and employed by all leading social networks to help new users find and add their friends on the site.

    Zorpia’s mission is to help and provide the easiest way for people to make new friends from around the world. We are concerned to see that the content you posted is untrue, harmful to our company and bound to negatively influence some of our potential users. It also damages our reputation.

    We would like to know if there is anything we can do to remove this blog entry about Zorpia?

    • Hi Walt,
      Zorpia has REPEATEDLY emailed my contacts without permission from me. Your site is deliberately designed such that one can not view a message without giving Zorpia access to Facebook. Then, when you try to delete the Zorpia account, it takes more than two days. In fact, you have continued to email my contacts for months AFTER I deleted my account at Zorpia AND sent in emails to your support group asking for my account to be removed and for Zorpia to stop emailing my friends using my account.

      You should read your own Wikipedia on Zorpia which confirms my own personal experience:

      Zorpia is social networking service, popular in India and China, that uses unethical methods such as spamming, scamming and phishing to recruit users.

      Zorpia is infamous for sending repetitive “private messages” to people who are not users, referring to fake senders who never sent any message, “inviting” people to read those “messages” by joining Zorpia by providing their private data.

      The site metric data (like the number of users) has not been verified by external parties and it has been suggested that the site is using phishing techniques to gather private user data.

      People have been reporting that the account deletion requests are not honoured and their data is continuously used for outbound invitations, and their – supposedly deleted – photographs being shared with others.

      As for taking down my post, how about INSTEAD you and your company issue a statement of apology and stop doing unethical phishing activity? You should also investigate all the claims similar to mine. Obviously, I am not the only one and if you truly believe your company is legitimate, you need to do your research.
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  6. Matt

    Thanks Mia!!!

    This was very helpful. I just received an e-mail from Zorpia saying I had a private message. I had never heard of Zorpia before, so I did some reseatch. I am so glad I found this website before I signed up.

  7. don’t know what to say, I got an email, and my outlook open on the right pane, now, my outlook is frozen, I lost all my work that I been doing for the last 5 years, I already got a lawyer today, and no mercy so as far as you know, my outlook keeps connecting to your server like a virus, and I cant use my outlook to see any emails.
    this is the only email that you will get from myself, the lawyer will carry one. see you in court, you have no right to do this without permission, I never login into your site or asked for it.

  8. I have received tons of email from Zorpia claiming that my friends have left me a private message as well. My questions are, how did they know my friends’ info( Location, full name) And how did they get photos of one of my teacher plus her age? I have yet to ask them if they personally signed up for Zorpia or not, but I am anticipating that they would say that they never signed up or heard of Zorpia. I guess Zorpia is just a crappy piece of spamming/hacking/anti-privacy website, possibly used by the NSA in america as well(I live in China).

    • Hi Cheng,
      I think Zorpia pfished your friends info from your Facebook account when they forced you to let them have access to your Facebook in order to see the message that your “friend” sent you. It’s a very clever pfishing scheme and it was hard to stop the emails from going to my contact list once they gained access.

      I would change the passwords to your social media and make sure you remove Zorpia from the permissions to any of your accounts. My husband also shut down his Facebook account but that is a drastic step.
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  9. Halvor


    yesterday day I got a private message from a friend. Since this also refered to Google I tried to open the message. I had to accept access to my contacts and soon discovered that I was about to invite all my contacts to Zorpia. Since there was no Cancell option, I just closed down the window. Now I am getting mails asking to complete my registration. I have clicked “Stop sending related emails” so hopefully I am out of it.

  10. Thanks for this. I’ve been getting emails saying someone (name of a friend) has sent me a message on Zorpia. I did not give any details to Zorpia, so could not see the message – I thought it must be a phishing scam.

  11. I got invited through my friend to open Zorpia and I got hundreds of dates. As I never have been on a dating line before I answered one date and discovered after 30 days promising me love and more, that SCAM existed. I never heard that word ROMANCE SCAM before, but now I know and thank you very much for your blog! We all should share this one! ZORPIA is working a lot in Germany, and the anti-scam-forum has increased dramatically. Police can’t do nothing against it, and politicants are not really interested either. So tell me, what could we do?

    • Hi Maria,
      I didn’t realize that Zorpia is also a dating scam. The only thing you can do is delete your Zorpia profile and change your passwords to your email and Facebook but it might be too late as Zorpia seems to grab your information almost immediately after it penetrates your email and Facebook. You can also email your list and Facebook friends NOT to open any message from you from Zorpia and that it’s a pfishing scam.

      I think just getting the word out to your contacts helps a lot (and then they also won’t get mad at you if they get the Zorpia email!).
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  12. Tanya

    I hear about these type of this happening a lot with many sites and some sites I know of are very well known sites good reviews trustworthy some not so much but a lot of profiles are being hacked emails messages sent received inbox are being spammed virus also user are many times asked to sigh in click on what seems to be the web site that your a user to but in fact it’s not really the web site it’s a fake site or a fake email also know a days it’s very easy to fake a site a banner an email a text a phone call with apps codes even that this has happened to more then 1,2,3 and so on and for them not replying that happeneds a lot of time

    • Hi Tanya,
      I can’t believe that I asked Zorpia to shut down my accounts but they are still sending out spam messages asking my friends to join. I only know because I have several email accounts and there is one that I rarely check. I just checked last week and found a pile of invitations from Zorpia FROM MYSELF and these emails were very recent. They are such liars. They told me they stopped spamming my friends months ago but they are still doing it.
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  13. melvin

    thank for the info. because i always receive email from zorpia…

  14. Nicole Melvin

    I recenty got an email from Zorpia telling me that one of my best friends.

    So on getting this email from noreply@zorpia.com I asked her if she knew what her was and if she had sent me a ‘private message’ using it.

    She told me that she hadn’t any idea of what Zorpia is and thatshe didnt send me a privat message on it. Zorpia is obviosly a scam – I ammedietly googled on what it may be and found this page, i’m glad I read this before allowing it the access .

  15. Dennis

    I received a messa from Jean and it states that I have to place all of my information prior to viewing the message, the kicker is that the other recommended friends that I may know are all from Uganda. I’ve been spammed before but getting a new message every hour or so is a bit ridiculous. It’s sent from a different address every time because I have to keep marking the email as spam

  16. Alex

    Unfortunately, even ‘legit’ social media sites and mobile apps condition us to give away all our contacts to them, so when a site like zorpia comes along with a so-called reference from an acquaintance, it’s all too easy to give them the access they ask for. I’m trying to refrain from installing any mobile apps that require access to my contacts, but this means that I cannot use most popular apps (probably for the best).

  17. Margie

    I received an e-mail from Zorpia that a friend of mine sent me a private message (and of course they wanted immediate access to all my contacts, likes, friends, photos etc. on Facebook- but of course I didn\’t allow it! \” The thing is this friend has \”apparently\” sent me a private message according to Zorpia, but this friend of mine is NOT linked to me on Facebook….however he has sent me an e-mail some months ago. So it looks like they somehow have access to my gmail email!!!??? Thank you so much for this Blog to warn people! I guess I will have to find a way to change my e-mail sign-in password??, but HOW?

    • Hi Margie,
      Yes, that is exactly how Zorpia works. I’m not sure how they got a hold of your email addresses either. I’d change the password on your email account but I suspect it’s too late. I think they got your email from your friend’s Facebook account. Somehow they are able to access it because they did the same thing to me.
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  18. Marco Baer

    I am completely not agree with it that Zorpia is full of fake peoples . I get good services from it and that helped me lot to make my social presence well. Yes there was a problem of emailing but that is solved now so you dont have to worry about It .

  19. whats this

    Crying wolf for attention.
    By now you should be knowing that internet content is not responsible for your life. Use alias email accounts for non-official work and only reserve your real email for official communication such as your bank, your utility company, paypal and family.

  20. ZORPIA is a cursed aggressive operator who deceievd me by such an operation as this and forces people to make their profile photo looking like a convict and if you want to go to the link to delet the account, the damned website aggressively keeps posting the same page saying:
    Your account has been restricted…

    Your profile photo is not compliant with our Terms of Service.
    Verify & Restore Your Account:
    Photo Verification And does not let you in until you comply. THIS TERRORISM IS ABUSE, and they should be removed from the Internet and be punished! I WANT MY ACCOUNT TO BE REMOVED! But these devils will not let me. To hell with them!
    Dutch Lion Frans recently posted…More Keys to REVIVAL: “Repent from the lies of the Jews!” “God is JEALOUS for our FREEDOM!”My Profile

    • Hi Dutch Lion Frans,
      Yes, I agree. Zorpia is a pfishing site and they hold your account hostage when you try to delete it to gain access to your email addresses through Facebook, I think, which you have accidentally given them access too. Then, they start emailing pfishing emails to your contacts to get them to join Zorpia and also to try to extract money from them with those fake “I need money wired to me because I’m having a travel emergency” scheme or some other means. I think that because they operate in Asia, that they are not being shut down.
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  21. Coucou bonsoir comment allez vous moi c’estr Marie et vous et je chercher un homme pour fait ma vie et j ais une fille de 5ans

  22. I don’t know why you people are complaining, I get lots of emails from pretty women some of whom I have dated and even had beautiful sex with. Zorpia is just great.



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