Week 2: Summer Math Review for Rising 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Math Review

Join my son and I for summer math review supplied by his school. This is week two. We normally do one week in one sitting just to make it easier to do it in one fell swoop. How do you like to do it? Can you remember to do one problem a day? We can’t!

p.s. Here is week one. Here are math workbooks if you prefer that or math apps.

Monday, June 25

Jay has 2 fewer apples than Ken. Ken has 8 apples. How many apples does Jay have?

Tuesday, June 26

How many nickels do you need to make 40¢? How many dimes do you need to make $1.40?

Wednesday, June 27

I’m thinking of a number between 104 and 115. What numbers could it be?

Thursday, June 28

Practice telling time. Play Stop the Clock on your computer here.

Friday, June 29

Make a July calendar. Write a list of odd numbers from the calendar. (We may just recite the odd numbers from 1 to 31 instead. It’s faster.)

Saturday, June 30

In how many days is the first day of school? How many weeks is that? (We might use Google calendar since we didn’t make a calendar.)

Sunday, July 1

Would you rather have a penny a day for the month of July, or a nickel a day for a week? How much would you have for each?

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. vanita

    hey! I want that nickel a day! 😀
    these are great. the girls and i use to do variations of this question on our walks to school when they were in 1st and 2nd grade. it really helps to teach them to add in their heads on the fly.
    vanita recently posted…Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday #2My Profile

  2. Meygan

    These questions are really important especially when you are testing the intelligence and if the students have learned their lessons..
    Meygan recently posted…Hosted SharepointMy Profile

    • Hi Meygan,
      I’m glad you are doing summer math with your kids as well! It doesn’t have to be painful! One problem a day or even 7 a day (but not every day) seems to fairly quick and painless for my son.

  3. Ann

    Please keep sharing these they are perfect for my daughter!
    Ann recently posted…Sparrow PreeningMy Profile

  4. Kelly

    Wow – do you have any similar ones for kids entering 4th grade?! I love that your school does this!

  5. Kelly

    Thank you! We will take a look at these!

    • Hi Kelly,
      I am posting weekly on the problems and one of the posts lists all these great sites that also have other grades of math problems. The math books too, are for most grades in elementary school. Those books will be on another post for the weekly math problems for rising 2nd grade.

  6. Kelly Salter

    Thank you! I loved the Math Line game — played it myself at work just now and found it strangely addictive! We’ll be working on these tonight! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Mandee,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. The Bloggy Moms get to know other bloggers is great. I will stop by your blog as well! Thanks again!

    • Hi Kelly,
      My school has some great math sites for kids that are free and fun. I don’t think I’ve ever played the Math Line game. I do find all those math games strangely addicting too. Guess that why my son is so hard to tear of the screens (where the games are not even educational!). Let me know what your child thinks. I have other math apps and online free math games if you need them. Oh, and picture books with math concepts and mathy board games … all coming up on this series of posts.

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