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Animation Software for Kids

Ish! Children’s Book Author Peter Reynolds Creates Animation Software

A Mom Friend sent me this from The Daily Grommet. I only knew Peter Reynolds as a picture book author and illustrator and had no idea he also developed software, but I am such a fan of his books, that I’ll follow him anywhere!

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This Animation Software for children looks great for a rain-or-snow day, especially the kind when the kids are home all day.  A 15-day trial is free, so I am biding my time for when we get our first snow day — lots of snow in New England but only sticking on holidays and weekends!– and then I’ll let the kids play with it to decide  if it’s worth $60 for us to purchase.  My oldest is an artist so I am inclined to get it!  What do you think? Have you tried this yet?  Are there other “arty” software programs that you love for your kids?  Thanks for sharing as a comment!

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animation-ish, peter reynolds, ish, the dot, pragmatic mom, daily grommet, friday find

From Daily Grommet:

Get Creative, Be Happy

If kids are part of your life, you probably already know the work of Peter H. Reynolds. Peter’s simple, charming books — IshThe Dot, and Someday – encourage kids to be creative by teaching that what they make, “doesn’t have to be perfect, only perfect-ish.” His books are bestsellers and a favorite among kids, parents, and teachers alike.

Peter’s talent isn’t confined to the written word. He and his twin brother, Paul, co-own an educational software company called FableVision. Their most recent creation? A program called Animation-ish.

The program allows kids to indulge in “screen time” in a safe and fun way. (No advertisements or violent content – hooray!) The easy-to-use software lets kids make their own animated movies, greeting cards, websites, and presentations. The program is available to download, so you can buy it on a rainy day and get designing before the chorus of “I’m bored” reaches a deafening roar.

The program is packed full of more than 50 video tutorials and quick tips. Our 10-year-old tester was up and running in minutes – allowing mom some time for her own creative pursuits.

Cool Software + Happy Kids = Something Close to Perfect-ish. And that’s plenty good enough.

— Emily C.

What is it?

  • Easy animation software download for Mac or Windows
  • Requires Internet connection
  • Free demo to try before you buy

Three levels for learning:

– Wiggledoodle-ish – Draw, trace, and animate with 3 frames
– Flipbook-ish – Create animation using infinite frames and higher level tool sets
– Advanced-ish – A mover tool allows for more complex animations with foregrounds and backgrounds

Over 50 “Inspire me” video clips

  • Project Vault with drawings and starter ideas
  • A drawing tablet is not required but Fablevision recommends exploring Wacom entry-level drawing tablets for increased flexibility in your drawings

For a 15 day free trial, click here.  It’s $60 for home use.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. A fun drawing & animation app for kids (& adults) on the iPad is the DoInk Vector Animator http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doink-vector-animator/id364762290?mt=8 It was selected to the “List of Apps to Buy for the Holidays” http://levelupnews.com/apple/2010-holiday-app-gift-guide/ This App was developed by the Boston company behind http://www.doink.com DoInk’s drawing & animation tools were selected to 3 “Best of Sites/Tools lists” in Education in November.
    http://myemail.constantcontact.com/TCEA-Elections–Great-Websites–and-More.html?soid=1102737359692&aid=bMPhm_5VuZY#LETTER.BLOCK14 Thanks! Karen@doink.com

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