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Countdown to 2011: My #10 Post, Teach Kids Months of the Year with Easy Rhyme

Countdown of My Top Posts

#10 Post of the Year:  Teach Kids Months of the Year with Easy Rhyme, 603 page views.

I found this in my 2nd grader’s classroom.  Everyone knows the days of the week song (There are 7 days, There are 7 days, there are seeveen days in a week … Sunday, Monday; Tuesday,  Wednesday; Thursday, Friday; Saturday), but I do remember that it was challenging for my kids to learn the months of year, particularly in a foreign language.  However, I never guessed that this post would be so popular.

So thank you to Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don’t) [a.k.a. my middle child’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher who is code named Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don’t)] for this gem!!!

p.s.  Two guesses why we are referring to her as Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don’t). And she does too, love books, I mean.  The good ones, though, not the inane series with repetitive language and plot.  She hates those!  Maybe I should call her Miss Brooks Loves Good Books (and her class does too!) because that would be more accurate.

Miss Brooks Loves Books Top 10 Posts of the Year

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