Why Are Boys Failing? Lack of Male Teachers?

Do Boys Need Male Teachers as Role Models?

Part 2 asks if one root cause is the lack of male teachers who serve as role models, the theory goes, and teach that learning is cool.  This doesn’t feel like it hits the nail on the head, but the argument for this is below.

The full post here.  Interesting paragraphs below.

p.s. Part 1:  Why Are Boys Failing and Who is to Blame.


Failing Boys: The endangered male teacher


A new study says male elementary teachers live in a steady state of anxiety, with 13 per cent reporting they had been wrongly accused of inappropriate contact with students. Part 2 of a six-part series.

  • The trend isn’t new. Men have been the clear minority in primary teaching since the days of the one-room school house. But with their numbers dwindling to less than 20 per cent nationally, fixing the imbalance has taken on a certain urgency and there’s already been talk of affirmative action. Of all the theories offered to explain why boys trail girls in academics, the lack of male role models tends to lead the pack.
  • While the sample size is small, and contains no comparison of allegations female teachers face, the study, partly funded by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, suggests male teachers work in a steady state of anxiety.
  • Rosemary Tannock, a psychologist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, doesn’t buy the idea of school boys in crisis. She doesn’t believe their poor performance reflects a feminized education system but suggests that current testing methods are not an accurate way to gauge how well boys are learning.
  • Indeed, most studies have found male teachers have no impact on boys’ academic performance or their school-related problems – that peers are the dominant influence. What’s more, a “feminist critique” published in the Journal of Education Policy last year argued that women have taught boys well for decades, and only now that girls are outperforming boys do people suspect young males suffer under female teachers
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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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